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your guarantee


We understand that you want the assurance of a guarantee.  Upon ordering your new roof from Newlands Roofing Company, you will be provided with a full guarantee as below.  A guarantee is also provided on a variety of our repairs.  All materials come with a manufacturer's warranty as described below.  Please call Newlands Roofing Company for more info:



Works                                                      Guarantee


All new roofs including flat roofs              10 years

All leadwork renewals                              10 years      

All PVC installations                                10 years          



Materials                                               Guarantee


Slates                                                       50 - 100 years

Tiles                                                         30 years

Felt                                                           10 years



Note that damage due to extreme weather/storms is not covered by your guarantee, alternatively such damage is covered by your own home insurance.


Call Newlands Roofing Company - Roofers for Glasgow South for more details on 0800 783 3691.


"I highly recommend Newlands Roofing Company.  My requirements were accurately and professionally identified.  I was pleased with the quote and the conditions set out for the work to be done.  I was more than happy with the quality of workmanship and impressed by the fair price given for further unforeseen circumstances.  The men were excellent and treated my house with respect - e.g. no one asked to use the toilet, took their shoes off at the door before entering the house without being asked and ensure the place was very clean and clear before leaving the job.  It is worth noting - since cynics tend to think that good recommendations are placed by friends of the company - that I had never heard of the company.  I found them on the Which local and accepted at face value the positive recommendations I found there.  I can recommend that you do the same."  S. Findlay, Glasgow.

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